Are you thinking of buying or selling a house? Do you need assistance drafting or negotiating a lease?

For prompt and effective assistance with any type of residential or commercial real estate transaction, contact us now. We can assist you in making your real estate transaction as easy as possible, and ensure that all your real estate legal requirements are in order. 

We can help with the sale and closing of your real property by making sure all the documentation required by local, state, or federal governments is in order. We will ensure the appropriate transfer of title, payment of taxes, and recording of the deed. 

We can also protect you by fully reviewing any contracts before you sign them, so that your interests in the property are secured. Since contracts are legally binding and difficult to break, please contact us before you sign the contract, to assure that you have not agreed to something that you would later regret. In fact, many of my real estate clients are referred to me by their real estate agents to ensure that their clients have the best legal representation available to protect their property interest.