In December 2012, Michael Jaskula settled two mechanics lien lawsuits that were filed as a result of contract disputes between the homeowners and the tradesmen. Attorney Jaskula's former experience as a carpenter contributed to the success of the negotiations that led to quick and fair settlements of all claims.


In another case that settled in March of 2012, Mr. Jaskula's client sued to quiet title on a piece of real estate against which a contract was recorded by a disgruntled buyer who is alleged to have breached the sales contract prior to closing. After a successful mediation, the case, described by one of the judges who was assigned to it as the most complicated he had ever presided over, settled favorable for Mr. Jaskula's client.     


Another of Mr. Jaskula's clients is suing a national parking lot company for consumer fraud and deceptive busines practices for using form lease agreements that failed to indicate that there were any restrictions on when lessees would be allowed to park their vehicle in the leased parking space.