Practicing Law From A Position of Strength

Litigation is costly and time consuming. The attorney and client need to prepare for a several year relationship that includes all of the stresses normal relationships experience with the added stresses of uncertainty and significant amounts of money at stake. We actually advise our clients to stay out of court, if possible, because the psychological and financial burdens of litigation often out weigh the potential remedy a court of law might provide. Mr. Jaskula prepares his clients for a realistic understanding of the risks and rewards of the litigation process which allows his clients to engage in litigation from a position of strength.


A Client-Centric Approach

Engaging in litigation requires the highest degree of commitment from the attorneys, which we strive to achieve. It also requires that our clients understand that cases take shape over time and that it is often difficult to predict the outcomes of important events in the course of litigation. This is why Mr. Jaskula is commited to keeping his clients abreast of the latest developments in their case and to discussing strategies to move their cases forward.     

All Agrieved Parties Should Have Access To The Courts

At the Law Offices of Michael Jaskula, we believe that parties should have access to the courts in order to defend or enforce their rights. To that end, we are commited to providing pro bono legal services as an ongoing part of our practice.